It Started with a Wig (part 2) - It started with a wig and continued with a room… As my...
So it begins…

It started with a wig and continued with a room…

As my conversations with Maryann continued, questions were answered and opinions were shared. There were all the things a person might not think about initially that needed to be hashed out: What shade of pink? What shape for the coffee table? Arms or no arms on the couch? Style of artwork for the wall? What goes on the side wall? And really, that was just the tip of the iceberg…

Here’s what we decided on:

2 Free Standing Walls 16″h x 24″

1 Wall – Solid, painted pale pink on one side/ blue on the reverse side.

1 Wall – Built in Hutch front, entirely painted pale pink/ blue on the 
reverse side. Pink and white accessories added

1 Fieldstone Panel – 16″h x 7″ w – painted Vintage White. Panel is a 
separate to allow various placement.  Poster putty included to 
adhere to wall.

Wall Art – horseshoe nail style sculpture painted gold.

Sofa – Armless, tufted style with tapered legs. Upholstered with 
pink/tweed fabric. Wooden base and legs painted Vintage 
White. Added toss pillows.

Coffee Table – Oval shape, painted Vintage White.

Floor Lamp – Painted pink, to match the walls.

Maryann was able to take all that information and start the creation process. I can’t even express how exciting it was to get the first “under construction” photo in my inbox. Once the ball started rolling, it really took off fast! I didn’t have to wait long before I received an email exclaiming ALL DONE!! Seeing the final photos, it exceeded my expectations. I was completely blown away. And now, I cannot wait to get it into my studio…