It Started with a Wig (part 1) - It started with a wig… Actually it started when Malibu Casey sent...

It started with a wig…

Actually it started when Malibu Casey sent me the website for a Greek artist, Yatabazah, who creates one of a kind wigs for dolls. He had some examples of big bouffant styles, and he also had examples of pink wigs, so I decided to message him and ask if it was possible to get a pink bouffant for my Fashion Queen. And, as the title of my blog suggests, the answer was “yes.”

Seeing photos of the wig is one thing, holding it in your hands after a few months wait is a whole different thing. Not only did the wig need to be meticulously created, but it was shipped from Greece. During Covid. To say the wait was worth it would be an understatement.

Getting the wig was only the beginning. I mean, I had no idea what kind of scene to do, I just knew I had to have the wig. I put it on my Fashion Queen and set her up in my studio, so anytime I worked on anything else, I’d mill that wig over in my head.

Eventually I came to the only conclusion that there was: I needed a pink on pink on pink scene that was just as special as the hair. I decided to reach out to the only artist that could help me with such a task: Maryann Roy. Her work in 1:6 scale is unmatched: She’s created pieces for collectors, magazines and toy companies. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure if she took custom requests of this nature and even less sure if she’d have time.

I went out on a limb and sent an email to Maryann, I figured, it never hurts to ask. Now, I wasn’t all together that confident, so I sent the email without really knowing exactly WHAT I was looking for, other than a pink room set. So, when I got a reply saying “Ok – So what are you definite on?” I realized in my zealousness, I sent the email without all the information that would be needed. Lucky for me, Maryann was beyond patient, and through subsequent emails, sketches, and example pics, a plan was hatched for a room set just as awesome as the pink wig. There were so many details that needed to be discussed: Shade of pink, size of walls, style of couch, wall art, accessories just to name just a few.

And that was just the beginning…

Custom Yatabazah Wig for Fashion Queen Barbie
Concept Sketch
Color Inspiration
Room Inspiration
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