Drag Bingo + Barbie Art + Cats - Sip and Purr Cat Cafe, Milwaukee, WIJune 4-6, 2021 Drag Bingo +...

Sip and Purr Cat Cafe, Milwaukee, WI
June 4-6, 2021

Drag Bingo + Barbie Art + Cats, what could be better?? In honor of Milwaukee Pride 2021, Sip and Purr Cat Cafe is reinstating their popular Drag Bingo!

Drag Bingo + Barbie Art + Cats

Sip and Purr isn’t your average cat cafe:

“Coffee, wine, delicious nibbles, and CATS…how can it get better than that? Well, that adorable little furball is adoptable! Yes, with an approved adoption application that kitty you fell in love with can be yours to take home! Besides partnering with Lakeland Animal Shelter to help homeless cats find their forever homes, Sip & Purr is the only cat cafe in America that routinely accepts international non-traditional, at-risk cats into our adoption program.”


For Pride Weekend, Sip and Purr is hosting 6 rounds of bingo, hosted by the one and only Malibu Casey, with the added bonus of 7 large Barbie pieces on display accompanied by an artist meet and greet/reception. I decided to do something extra special for this event: I will be revealing my NEW Sip and Purr Barbie photograph with 10% of all my sales over the weekend donated back to Sip and Purr for their continued efforts to save cats.

Sip and Purr Barbie