Barbie Shops Small - Much can be said about 2020, most of which is, shall we...

Much can be said about 2020, most of which is, shall we say, not good. With small businesses taking the economic brunt of the year’s wrath, “Shop Small” took on much more importance. It really got me thinking about how my art isn’t made in a vacuum, and just how much I rely on other small business for each and every photo I create.

The perfect example of this is my freshly completed annual Christmas photograph. Let’s break it down:

Barbie: Ebay
Barbie’s dress: Ebay

Ken: Ebay
Ken’s sweater: Etsy Seller CraftsDepot2017
Ken’s pants & shoes: Ebay

Custom Bottle Brush Tree: Etsy Seller Studio59handmade
Silver Garland: Etsy Seller DollhousesandMoreLLC
Christmas Gifts: Etsy Seller TinyTreasuresFla
Christmas Ornaments: Etsy Seller MiniMonday3
Christmas Lights: Etsy Seller BarbieDollandMore

Record Player: Etsy Seller TheAtomicDoll
Lamp: Etsy Seller TheAtomicDoll

Wall Art: Etsy Seller TheAtomicDoll
“Wallpaper” Shutterstock & West Photo

Coffee Table:

Christmas Tree Trimmer Barbie – 2020 Christmas Photograph

Wow. And that doesn’t include the businesses that I use to print the various sizes of photos, the mats, framing, etc.

2020 has served as a reminder of how much we need each other. And honestly, that thought makes me smile. Even in 2020.