Barbie + JMD - A woman walked into my booth at the Edina Art Fair four...

A woman walked into my booth at the Edina Art Fair four and half years ago, pointed at my large framed Thanksgiving Barbie and stated: “I’ll take that one.” That lady was Julia Moss, of Julia Moss Designs (JMD), and as they say, the rest is history.

Now, seldom, if ever, do I have large framed pieces sell in such a way. Honestly, I was taken by surprise. While finalizing the sale, I was chatting with Julia only to find out that, not only did she also have a booth at the art fair (selling her “Next Generation of Silver”), she literally had a shop across the street from my apartment in Uptown!

Numerous visits to her shop, and numerous Barbie transactions later, Julia approached myself and Malibu Casey about doing a Pop Up Holiday Sale in her store. I’ll be honest, it was incredibly fun. I was able to hang many framed pieces, including debuting my NEWEST Christmas photo (Ice Breaker Barbie).

2016 Holiday Pop Up: Barbie x Malibu x JMD

Casey brought in all his Christmas goodies, including ornaments, wrapping paper and bath bombs. And, of course, he decorated the space like only he can. The Pop Up ended up being fun and successful and it really solidified a fabulous business relationship and friendship.

Display at JMD

Over the next several years, I have had my smaller matted prints at her shop at various times. In 2019 she opened her second shop in Wayzata, eventually closing the Uptown one. Right before it opened, she reached out to get more of my 8×10 matted prints for the store. The new location is stunning, overlooking the lake in such a beautiful part of town. Not only did she want to have my prints, she had a designated spot on the wall for one of my framed pieces. To say I was honored is an understatement. Since then, my prints have had a growing interest among her clientele.

The universe works in interesting ways: You never know who you’re going to meet and how they’re going to change your life.

Christmas 2020 Display at JMD